Mr. Welke is the prime customer-facing individual at RSM Solutions Inc.  He is the individual that you will work with as a client to find the right talent.  He is also the individual that candidates speak to prior to being submitted to a client.


LinkedIn: Tom Welke


Phone:  877-776-0020


Mr. Welke will work with you to build relationships for the long run.  He is much more focused on a low failure rate than he is a high fill rate.  His relationships with CIO’s, VP’s, Directors and other Senior Managers span 15-20 years.


  • I will help you craft job descriptons
  • We have access to every resume on Indeed, so I can help you determine what is realistically available.
  • I am the last person that every candidate talks to prior to being submitted to a client.
  • I focus on ‘fit’, more than anything else.

I truly DO focus on relationship building…just ask any of the clients we work with.  Look at my 38 LinkedIN recommendations, that will tell the story far better than I can.