What We Look For

We are ‘direct’ to 99% of our clients, so their are no ‘layers’ between us and any of our clients.  Most of the hiring mangers I work with are CIO’s, VP’s of IT, Directors or Senior Managers.  We author our own job descriptions off of what a client REALLY needs, as opposed to a laundry list of 100 things (many of which are not needed or not even realistically available).  Due to this, we will be far more interested in ‘fit’, than anything else…this means a fit for you and a fit for the client.  Here are some general guidelines of what we look for:

  • A good ‘social fit’.  Most of my clients are looking for ‘no drama’ individuals…if you are an individual that thrives on working with others and enjoys sharing your ideas, that is fantastic.  If you have an ego the size of Montana, you probably should look elsewhere.
  • A solid ‘technical fit’.  We put a great deal of effort into truly specifying what is needed for a role.  So, often times, you will see a trimmed down job description discussing what is really needed.  You can find those open roles here:  RSM Solutions Inc Jobs
  • We actually respond to emails when you ask for follow ups on roles you have applied to.  It takes 30 seconds to respond to an email message to us, so – if you reach out – you will always get a response.

What Candidates Say About Us

Here is a sampling of what candidates say about us:

“I have known Tom and worked with him for a great number of years. One of the things that impresses me most with Tom is that he always has time for you. No matter what the need or issue, Tom takes the time to truly understand, discusses through multiple scenarios and makes sure that you understand the options available to you. Tom often says he believes in “Karma” and he shows that with his actions. He is quick to step in to help or provide insight or guidance even when it means no immediate personal or financial benefit to himself. He is a connector of people, his network seems to be expansive and I can’t think of many times when he wasn’t able to help me find someone to provide additional insights into whatever I was working on. I would never hesitate in recommending Tom or RSM Solutions to anyone”.

Pharmaceutical Project Manager

“A valued colleague for more than a decade…truly wonderful people”

Azure Architect

“I have known RSM Solutions Inc for many years and have worked with them in multiple ways. I have sourced resources with Tom and worked for RSM in a consultant role. Tom is one of the most honorable sourcing people in the business. In a business where you meet many individuals, Tom is the most honest, straight shooter and thorough person I know. His understanding of customer needs is unparalleled. His ability to see the big picture while performing sourcing is impressive. Tom and RSM have the ability to take a business opportunity and translate that into a win for both parties. Working with Tom and RSM is equal to guaranteed successes for any business”

Business Intelligence Specialist

“In the time that Tom spent working with me he shared many unique views that reflected a rare level of competence in his field. He is very generous with his time and knowledge, even when there is no benefit to him. Tom’s good nature is not an act he puts on for business, he is a genuinely good person. I cannot recommend him enough”

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