We Help Bring These Two Hands Together

An Approach With a 90% Success Rate

We work with Permanent Hire searches differently than anyone else.  Here’s how we do it:

  • We have a flat rate of $18,000 on perm roles, as opposed to 20% to 25% of the annual salary…  We can move that flat rate downward for roles at $80,000 and less.
  • We focus far more on social fit than anything else…we will ask you questions about what creates a good ‘fit’ for you.  We ask the same question to candidates…’what creates a good fit for you?’.
  • We will actually talk, extensively with candidates and give you the ‘good bad and ugly’ on EVERYONE.  The only ‘Rock Stars’ I know are named Jimmy Page and Robert Plant…if you can rock out to ‘Stairway’, then great, lets talk about you being a Rock Star.  You get the point, I do not claim resources to be ‘Rock Stars’, I tell you the plain facts..unfiltered.
  • We have access to every resume on Indeed, so we will help you leverage ‘Real Data’ on what is realistically available, as opposed to looking for an individual that simply does not exist.

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