Why Contract To Hire Is Hard to Work Out

Contract to hire roles are often the hardest to get right.  It is often like climbing stairs together…for both you and the candidate you chose for a role.  We succeed by finding contractors who honestly want to become permanent employees.  How do we do this?

  • We ask questions about WHY they want to be a permanent employee…if they just are looking for a job, that is not a good enough answer..their has to be something outside of ‘the job’ that is causing them to want to be a permanent employee…is it that they are starting a family, are they truly sick of ‘being on the road’?  We find out the ‘why’ and tell you, the hiring manager, what that reason is.
  • We focus on you, the client…. Do you have a high ‘hit rate’?  Meaning, do the people you bring on typically stick around…if they do not stick around, contract to hire will rarely work for you as a client.

Assured advice you can count on

We use the same strategy and focus we put into permanent roles to find just that right BI Developer, for example.

  • We focus far more on social fit than anything else…we will ask you questions about what creates a good ‘fit’ for you.  We ask the same question to candidates…’what creates a good fit for you?’.
  • We will actually talk, extensively with candidates and give you the ‘good bad and ugly’ on EVERYONE. Just because someone has a blemish in their experience (let’s face it…everyone does), does not mean that you do not move forward with that individual….it just means you know a whole lot more about them before you pick up the phone to talk to them.
  • We have access to every resume on Indeed, so we will help you leverage ‘Real Data’ on what is realistically available, as opposed to looking for an individual that simply does not exist.

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