A Different Approach


I ran from this fire to seventeen others today, and that was before lunch.  Then, lunch came and I didn’t finish that until 4pm because Bob in Marketing had a crisis that took him 3 hours and nineteen interruptions to tell me about…truth be told, he could have told me about his crisis in about ten minutes, but you have heard me talk about Bob before…  Does this sound like the conversation you had with your spouse yesterday?  Does this conversation happen more times than you can count..?

Or perhaps this story…its like they expect Rome to be built in Q1 and then for us to conquer the rest of Europe in Q2…and, we haven’t discovered the wheel yet…

Would you really like to spend your time on true strategy and – for the first time – really having that conversation with the CEO about what really matters to the business…oh yeah, customers?

What we bring to the table:

  • 20 years of experience in IT Staff Augmentation…down in the weeds.
  • More years than you can shake a stick at with regards to talent management and truly finding, nurturing and KEEPING A players before they even think of leaving.  We have the know-how to structure roles so that the people you want to stick around do, and the people you don’t want leave…plain and simple.
  • Reduction of Resource Risk.  We have PERSONALLY SPOKEN TO roughly 3,000 candidates over the last several years, we know what they are good at, and what they aren’t good at.
  • Relationships – yes, honest to goodness relationships – with hundreds of CIO’s…these are not individuals that we just met for lunch one day, they are individuals we have known – personally – for, in some cases, 15 years or more.
  • The ability to speak technology to the business side of the house and business to the technology side of the house so that the big stuff is digestible into morsels.



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