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RSM Solutions, Inc removes the hassle and confusion that comes from working with vendors that – realistically – just don’t know what they are doing.  We actually know what a good Business Intelligence architect should look like, what a true Senior .net developer should have in their background, and we actually know what Microsoft Azure is…

We serve as advisors to CIO’s, VP’s and Directors, as well as CHRO’s and Senior HR executives in regard to:

  • How to craft job descriptions that actually attract GOOD talent.
  • Arriving at a realistic assessment of candidates…what they are good at, what they are not good at, and so on (as opposed to saying every candidate is a ‘rock star’.
  • Working WITH you as a CLIENT ADVOCATE…we focus on a low failure rate as opposed to a high ‘fill rate’.

From a Candidate Perspective, this is what sets us apart:

  • We will NOT waste your time on frivolous pursuits.  I am abundantly sure, you have had situations where a ‘recruiter’ says ‘oh…wait for me..wait for me’…NO, WE WONT EVER DO THAT.
  • We give you a realistic job description, as opposed to a laundry list of 1,000 things (90% of which are not really needed).
  • We will actually TALK to you as a normal human being and get to know you as a person, as opposed to just a candidate.

Anyone can SAY these things…we have been DOING it for 20 years.



Our doors are open to all businesses -
the diversity of our client base makes us
better at what we do.


We believe strong business relationships
are founded on honest and transparent


Our ever-evolving approach to problem
solving yields results and sets us apart
from the pack.


Relevant and precise communication
enriches our client relationships and
builds better businesses.

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